Yellow t-shirt with these four combinations is very eye-catching

1, yellow T-shirt + black trousers

Bright and bright yellow with a low-key black is very suitable, so that the body color does not appear too prominent, maintaining a proper size will be more body, a black leggings with a loose yellow T-shirt, wide and narrow, upper and lower dark, Very thin.

Yellow t-shirt
2, yellow T-shirt + black shorts

Yellow is very dazzling color, with the colorless color such as black and white ash is the most insurance, black with yellow effect is very good, summer black shorts is one of the must-have bottoms, very versatile, not at all Losing denim shorts, slim yellow Xiao t with black high-waist shorts, while showing sexy body is also very energetic.

Yellow t-shirt
3, yellow T-shirt + straight pants

Casual T-shirt with casual straight pants, must be a fake kid wind, cool handsome girl’s route to understand, baseball caps are worn, the most suitable for rebellious girls, simple T-shirt + straight pants can be matched with retro lazy style of.

Yellow t-shirt
4, yellow T-shirt + jeans

The versatile and fashionable jeans can’t be replaced by any trousers, so the jeans that are most seen all the year round are the thin jeans in summer. It is the best choice for everyone to go out on the street, casual fashion, a yellow T-shirt with light blue ripped jeans, stylish and outstanding.

Yellow t-shirt
5, yellow T-shirt + dark denim

The yellow T-shirt is paired with a dark denim, very stylish and versatile, and then paired with a pair of black and white shoes, walking there is the most conspicuous existence.

Yellow t-shirt

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